Tepso® textiles – United against psoriasis and atopic dermatitis

In addition to effective basic care, one’s diet and clothing play a major role for the improvement of atopic and psoriatic skin conditions.

Tepso® textiles offer a substantial relief in the everyday life of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis patients. The secret is the extremely low friction of the fabric, which effectively prevents painful skin abrasion.

What kind of material is Tepso®?

The yarn for the Tepso® textiles is produced in Lenzing, Upper Austria. It is a very compact fiber with an extremely high density. The result is an extremely smooth fabric that hardly generates friction.

As a result, Tepso® fabric is significantly less abrasive than other fabrics. The material is maximally biocompatible, smooth and skin-friendly, and is therefore also used in medicine, including heart valves.

All Tepso® textiles combine the following advantages

  • Fresh effect when dressing
  • Little abrasion on the skin
  • Stains of ointments and creams can be washed out easily
  • Stable for many wash cycles
  • Long durability

The effect of Tepso® textiles remains at all times because it is not a coating, but the processed yarn brings the positive effects.

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