Effectively alleviates itching

Looking for an alternative to cortisone therapy?
Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for chronic conditions such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. We are often asked whether belixos® can serve as an alternative to a cortisone therapy. Irritated skin requires care products that are suitable for regular (ideally daily) basic therapy and are capable of preventing flare-ups. When extreme flare-ups occur, medicinal products that contain cortisone are often the only option to return skin to its normal condition.

Reduce itching and dryness – without cortisone
User observations have indicated that belixos® offers effective, long-term basic therapy for atopic eczema and psoriasis and alleviates itching, dryness and redness as well as the tendency for flare-ups when used regularly.

Progress also has a downside
Allergies and chronic skin conditions are more common than ever before. Unfortunately, children – including very young children – are frequently affected. As all belixos® products are especially formulated for very sensitive skin, they can be safely used on children over the age of three.

less itching
less inflammation
moisturised skin
smooth & soft skin
quick absorbing
less scaliness
less reddness

Nicht von Biofrontera beauftragte Anwenderstudie. belixos® wurde über 4 Wochen 1 bis 3 mal täglich angewendet.
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